This Is The Most Expensive RV In The World, With A Price Of $2.4 Million

RVs have become a popular way to travel America as COVID-19 has made it risky to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants. The waiting time to get RVs has risen due to demand. That will taper off as cold weather arrives. High-end RVs can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, with features that include extra bedrooms and expensive interiors. The most expensive one in the world is outfitted with items usually found in mansions and on private jets. And, it carries an appropriate price tag, at about $2.4 million. With special features, that figure can rise.

The eleMMent palazzo Superior is made by Marchi Mobile, a company started by and still run by Mario Marchi, which is based in Germany. The company uses advanced design processes which are also used in the complex design of aircraft and ships.

Among other things, the eleMMent palazzo Superior has 60+ mm thick walls for stability and extra insulations. Windows in the front of the vehicle are built to create panoramic views,. A lift system creates a roof deck.

The eleMMent palazzo Superior a wine cabinet, an icemaker, and a large TV screen across the central “family room”. The bathroom is separated from both the living room and the master bedroom. The master bedroom also has an adjoining spa area that acts as a “private retreat” for the owners. It also contains a 1.5 sqm glazed rainfall shower.

The eleMMent palazzo Superior is powered by a Volvo, 6 cylinder in-line engine, up to 600 HP, and an automatic transmission. It is 45 feet long, 13 feet tall, and 16.4 feet wide. The total interior space is 734 square feet.

Oddly, the eleMMent palazzo Superior is really set up for just two people. It has only one bedroom. The large sofa is not set up for sleeping extra people.

It has an insulated 800-liter freshwater tank, an 800-liter wastewater tank, 250-liter tank for fecal waste. It uses insular heating and has onboard wireless.

The eleMMent palazzo Superior is an extraordinary vehicle, but not one that is useful for a family


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