These Are the 20 People Who Have Given the Most for the 2020 Election

As the election draws to a close, a primary advantage for some candidates is the amount of money they have to spend, particularly on media. Television temporarily has been dominated by candidate messages. Well-funded candidates have the opportunity to bury their rivals as they try to reach the voters who have still not cast their ballots.

Twenty people have given $11.5 million or more to federal candidates, parties or political action committees over the course of this election cycle. All or most of these contributions went to one or the other major party. Several people who have given this money are well known. Others are unknown to most Americans. In either case, they have given enough to influence the presidential race and many of those for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

The largest sum of private money came from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. They own the Las Vegas Sands casino. Their net worth is over $33.5 billion. In total, they have given $172.2 million in this election cycle, virtually all to Republicans.

Few people have heard of the couple who are second on the list. Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein have given $59.1 million. They own the Uline shipping supply company. All their money has gone to Republicans running in the national election.

Third, Thomas Steyer and his wife, Taylor, have given $55.1 million, virtually all to Democrats. He was a presidential candidate who dropped out early. Steyer has made his money through hedge funds and private equity holdings.

Fourth on the list, Timothy Mellon has given $50.1 million to Democrats. He owns Pan Am Systems, a transportation company.

Fifth is Stephen Schwarzman and wife Christine, who have donated $28.9 billion to Republicans. Schwarzman is chief executive and a major owner of publicly traded finance firm Blackstone Group.

The best-known person on the list is a former presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He has given $21.6 million, all to Democratic candidates.

Most others on the list of 20 people who have given money for the current election are financiers, with a few owners of private businesses.

These 20 people and couples have given the most to federal candidates in the current election cycle.

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson$172,718,200Republicans
Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein$59,129,742Republicans
Thomas and Taylor Steyer$55,369,694Democrats
Timothy Mellon$50,080,755Republicans
Stephen and Christine Schwarzman$28,937,100Republicans
Jeffrey and Janine Yass$24,279,700Republicans
Donald Sussman$23,345,600Democrats
Michael Bloomberg$21,609,205Democrats
Karla Jurvetson$20,965,441Democrats
James and Marilyn Simons$20,965,201Democrats
Kenneth Griffin$19,292,434Republicans
Bernard and Billi Wilma Marcus$16,797,669Republicans
Fred Eychaner$12,950,500Democrats
Kelcy Warren$12,728,989Republicans
Deborah Simon$12,700,075Democrats
Charles and Helen Schwab$12,660,400Republicans
Joshua and Anita Bekenstein$12,349,587Democrats
Henry and Marsha Laufer$11,928,612Democrats
James and Kathryn Murdoch$11,554,394Democrats
Warren Stephens$11,456,600Republicans

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