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How to create 3D photos on your iPhone using Facebook, and give every photo new depth

  • You can use Facebook's iPhone app to give any photo a 3D effect, which makes the photo move when you move your phone.
  • This 3D effect works best with photos taken using your iPhone's Portrait Mode, but it can process any photo in your Camera Roll.
  • To use Facebook's 3D effect, you'll need to have an iPhone 6S or newer.
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In 2018, Facebook rolled out the ability to post 3D photos from your iPhone using Facebook's iOS app. With this feature, Facebook will analyze your photo to find and separate the foreground and background. This makes it so when you move your phone, the photo can move as if it had weight and depth.

To do this, you'll need an iPhone 6S or newer — if you've bought a new iPhone at any point in the last five years, you're probably safe.

Here's how to post your photos and turn them 3D on Facebook.

How to post 3D photos on your iPhone to Facebook

1. Open the Facebook app. 

2. Tap on the status post line ("What's on your mind?") to post a new status.

3. Tap "Photo/Video" in the pop-up menu.

4. Select a photo from your Camera Roll by tapping the image and selecting "Done" in the top right corner.

5. On the next screen, tap the "Make 3D" button, located next to the "Edit" button on top of the image. A loading screen will appear for a few seconds.

6. Move your phone around to ensure the photo has the 3D effect. To remove the effect, tap "Remove 3D."

7. Fill in your captions and tap "Post," like you would with any other picture.

Your photo can now be rotated to show a three-dimensional depth of field on a computer. When viewing with a phone or tablet, however, simply moving the device will allow you to rotate and see the depth of the picture.

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