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Infectious disease expert warns Trump still isn't out of the woods in COVID-19 battle

Dr. Amesh Adalja: Trump isn’t out of the woods yet in COVID-19 battle

Infectious disease expert discusses president’s condition and coronavirus treatments on ‘Your World.’

President Trump's battle against COVID-19 is not yet over, despite his claim in an interview with Fox Business Network that he feels "perfect," infectious disease expert Dr. Amesh Adalja warned Thursday.

"We want to wait a couple more days to make sure that the gains he made will be sustained and that he doesn't have a backslide," Dr. Adalja told "Your World" host Neil Cavuto.

"It's very hard to make any kind of medical diagnosis from afar and I don’t like to get into that, but he does seem to be on a good trajectory," Adalja added. "He was discharged from the hospital. He is not wearing supplemental oxygen, he’s able to talk and complete sentences."

Trump has touted an experimental antibody-based treatment manufactured by Regeneron, telling Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria" Thursday that "I had it and I was better within 24 hours. I felt perfect. I feel perfect now. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to speak to you.”

However, Adalja told Cavuto that he has seen "a backslide after six or seven days of illness" in several patients suffering from the virus.

" Hopefully, that won't happen because he had has good treatment," Adalja said, "but you want to be careful."

Turning to the safety and efficacy of the Regeneron and Eli Lilly antibody treatments touted by the president, Adalja said he does "think that these are promising ways to treat COVID-19.

"We haven't seen all the data…" he cautioned, " but what we have seen does seem to be consistent with the fact that these drugs do decrease the amount of virus in your body. They decrease the symptoms that you have, and they may prevent you from getting into the hospital, which would be an important advance because we don’t have a Tamiflu equivalent for COVID-19."

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