McCarthy: GOP victories show election was 'mandate against socialism'

McCarthy says 2020 election ‘was a mandate against socialism’

House Minorty Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy touted Republican victories during his weekly news conference.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's claim that the 2020 election gave President-elect Joe Biden a "mandate," by pointing to Republican successes in House elections.

Republicans picked up seats in the House with this election, and McCarthy noted that not a single incumbent Republican member lost. 

"I heard the speaker call it a mandate. It was a mandate against socialism," McCarthy said. "It was a mandate against defunding the police. It was a mandate against wasting a majority that the Democrats have done for the last Congress."

McCarthy also rejected claims from Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.,  that President Trump's challenges of the vote counts in several states were dangerous for democracy.

"Every challenge needs to be heard," McCarthy said, adding that "regardless of how this outcome is we want to be able to trust in this election."

McCarthy's words came minutes before the Trump campaign began a hearing in an Arizona courtroom, where they are alleging that ballots were improperly rejected. Maricopa County Deputy Attorney Tom Liddy previously argued that even if this was true, only 180 ballots would have been involved, which would not be enough to impact the result of the election. The Trump campaign, however, has claimed that there were in fact hundreds of complaints about this.


McCarthy made clear that the ultimate goal of the legal challenges and any recounts that may take place should be to make sure that the American people have the correct result, and that they can have confidence in the process.

"I think you have more than 150 million Americans voting," he said. "Let’s make sure we get this right."

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