Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker claims Democratic officials worked to 'tip the scales' to Biden

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Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar have done everything they can in the way of "changing the rules" to help Joe Biden, state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman claimed Friday

Corman, a Republican, charged on "America's Newsroom" that the executive branch's actions caused the integrity of the election to be compromised.

"The integrity of this election is called into question. I don’t have evidence of any misdoing," Corman told host Trace Gallgher, "but all their actions are leading to us wondering why they didn’t want people watching this process and didn’t allow poll watchers in the pre-voting, or getting close enough to see what was going on."

Hours before the election, Boockvar issued updated guidance to counties about how they should collect and separate ballots arriving after 8 p.m. ET on Election Day.

In addition, Boockvar's office issued orders that largely eliminated the ballot signature verification requirement. Pennsylvania officials also ordered that ballots arriving before Friday evening should be accepted but segregated if they are either postmarked by Election Day or lack a postmark.

Boockvar has pushed back on calls by Corman, Senate President-Pro-Tempore Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson, and Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Franklin, to resign amid the electoral chaos playing out in Philadelphia and around the state, claiming Republicans  "don't like" the idea of counting late ballots because "they don't like anything that allows more eligible voters to be enfranchised."

Additionally, State Rep. Russ Diamond, R-Lebanon, has called for a full "audit" of the statewide presidential vote, echoing demnds in a letter from House Speaker Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster, to Wolf.

In that letter, Cutler also accused the Democratic-majority State Supreme Court of failing to allow the legislature to "intervene" before essentially changing the state's election laws on its own.

"[D]ue directly to these issues I am requesting that a full audit be conducted of the 2020 general election prior to the certification of any results," Cutler wrote.

Corman, R-Centre, told Fox News Friday that while the vote tally statewide may be completed soon, each of the 67 counties has to certify their vote. Time must then be allowed for legal challenges — some of which have already been launched in Philadelphia County by Trump attorney Rudolph Giuliani.

"If there are requests for a recount they will have to go through that process," he said. "This is the unfortunate part about what Secretary Boockvar has done — and by extension Governor Tom Wolf — by changing a lot of the rules over how this is done, and doing everything they could to tip the scales in favor of Joe Biden."

Corman singled out Philadelphia County once again as a place where there is potential for "misdoing".

"If [Wolf] would have allowed everyone to watch it the way we normally are we would have more faith," he added.

Corman concluded by stating Democrats have done a "great disservice," claiming that such "shenanigans" will cause any Biden victory to be deemed illegitimate by half the electorate.

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