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Trump No Longer Considered a Transmission Risk, Doctor Says

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President Donald Trump is no longer considered a coronavirus transmission risk to others and has met the criteria to end self-isolation, according to White House physician Sean Conley.

Trump has been fever-free for well over 24 hours and all symptoms have improved, Conley said in a memorandum published by the White House late Saturday. He didn’t say if the president tested negative for the virus.

“The assortment of advanced diagnostic tests obtained reveal there is no longer evidence of actively replicating virus,” Conley wrote. “In addition, sequential testing throughout his illness has demonstrated decreasing viral loads.”

Trump gave an 18-minute speech earlier in the day, his first public event since returning from a three-day hospital stint, thanking hundreds of supporters gathered on the South Lawn for their encouragement during his illness.

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“I’m feeling great,” Trump said from the Blue Room balcony at the White House to invited guests at the campaign-style event. He arrived wearing a mask and removed it before speaking. Attendees appeared to be mostly masked but were standing close together with no suggestion of social distancing. Hand sanitizer stations and a medical tent were nearby.

The president has announced an aggressive return to the campaign trail following his convalescence, beginning with a rally Monday night in Orlando. He’s expected to visit Pennsylvania on Tuesday and Iowa on Wednesday for additional campaign events.

Conley’s update was the first on the president’s health since the middle of the week, when he said Trump has been fever-free for more than four days. The White House has still refused to reveal certain health details about the president and his treatment, including when Trump last tested negative before contracting the coronavirus.

The president first unveiled his positive test for the coronavirus early Oct. 2, and has credited his recovery to a Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. antibody cocktail he was administered. The president also received a corticosteroid called dexamethasone as well as Remdesivir, an antiviral manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc.

Trump also said the U.S. was “producing powerful therapies and drugs.”

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